Great tropical fish for beginners

When you have a new fish tank all set up correctly and had the filter, heating and lighter running for some time you can add some fish. Some fish are easier to keep that others, and until you become more experienced it worth getting some of the fish that are good for beginners.

  1. Platy

    A small and colourful fish, very popular and are usually orange or red. They are lively and are ideal for the community tank. Although platies are not shoaling fish the do like to live in groups of four or five.
  2. Guppy

    A very colourful and lively fish, the males have long colourful tails. Guppies are another non-shoaling fish that like to live in groups. It is best to keep all males or one male to several females.
  3. Neon tetras

    A very colourful shoaling fish that need to be kept in a group of at least six, although even more are recommended. These fish move as one and like to have a well planted aquarium.
  4. Corydoras

    A lively fish that live at the bottom of the tank and are constantly on the go searching through the substrate for food. They like to live in groups of at least three.
  5. Zebra Danio

    A peaceful community fish that have black and white stripes like their namesakes. Again these are lively and very hardy, ideal for a beginners aquarium.
  6. Rosy barb

    A beautifully coloured fish that is very popular with beginners and is a peaceful member of a community tank if kept within a group of six or more.

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