Things to consider when getting a new dog

Before you get your dog consider these items to ensure you and your new dog will be a perfect match.

  • Do you have an appropriate family situation?
    Make sure that everyone is onboard with getting a dog as it will become part of your family. Think carefully if you have small children as a puppy is rarely suitable, an adult dog would be a better choice as they are easier to train to behave appropriately around children.
  • Do you have enough space?
    Make sure that the amount of space you have in both your house and garden are suitable for the size of the dog that you want. Small dogs can manage perfectly in a small flat or apartment but larger breeds will require much more space. A breed that does not have enough space can develop behavioural or even health problems.
  • Do you have enough time?
    Dogs do take up a large amount of time, they are social animals and require a large amount of interaction. They require walking, most breeds require at least one hour a day of exercise in addition to walking. Some dogs, especially working breeds require even more, at least three hours per day.
  • Are you ready for the cost?
    Keeping a dog can be expensive. with food, annual vet visits, worm, flea and tick control, vet bill insurance and toys and grooming all raising the monthly cost, according to a report by More Th>n, to £94 to £154 depending on the breed. Research from PDSA has put the lifetime cost of ownership of a large breed dog at a figure of at least £17,00.

These are all things to bear in mind, but don’t let them put you off as owning a dog is a wonderful experience, just ensure you are in a place to properly look after your new dog.

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