Grooming a short hair cat

Grooming a short hair cat is fun and benefits the health of the cat’s fur and skin. Your cat will also love it if you do it gently and regularly – grooming is a regular part of social activity for cats.

Tools of the trade; rubber grooming pad, flea comb, bristle or baby brush and chamois leather.

  1. A special rubber pad can be borough for pet shops, designed specifically to loosen up any dead hairs. The studded surface collect excess hair and provides a pleasant massages to the skin of the cat. Don’t overdo this as you don’t want to remove too much fur and leave bold patches.
  2. Use a fine-toothed comb, often called a flea comb (although it is not used to remove fleas in standard grooming techniques) to comb the coat gently in the opposite direction of that in which it naturally lies to ensure any deep lying dead fur is removed. Then comb thoroughly in the direction that the fur naturally lies to collect any loose, remaining debris.
  3. Use a bristle or baby brush briskly at this point to remove any remaining loose fur without disturbing the work already don and causing mire hair to shed.
  4. Finally for a really superb finish, treat your cat to a polish with  chamois leather, in the direction that the fur naturally lies.
You cat will look well groomed, have a glossy sheen and will help your cat to produce natural oils for healthy skin and fur.

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