Beginners guide to budgies

Budgies are great birds for beginners, easy to keep and look after. Budgies are the most domesticated bird in the world, and no wonder as they are beautifully coloured and vary friendly. There are some things to bear in mind if you are contemplating keeping budgies for the first time.

  • They can be noisy
    Budgies like to sing in their musical twiterring style but can also squark at times. Females tend to be noisier than males.
  • They like company
    Budgies can be kept on their own but they prefer company of other birds of the same kind. Any pairings, male or female work well, if you decide to have just one the birds will bond strongly with their owners so you must have time to interact with them most of the day.
  • They are hardy birds
    Budgies can be kept indoors in a large cage or outside in an aviary, although it my be necessary to provide heating in the colder months for an aviary. Cages should be  a suitable size and contain food bowls, drinking water, perches, cuttlefish bone and a mineral block.
  • They can be trained
    Patience is required to tame your budgie and they should be handled from an early age. They may peck at hands or fingers but this is not too painful and will rarely draw blood. Be brave as nervousness will be passed on to the bird and getting them used to be handled will allow you to let them out of the cage and get some flying exercise.
  • There will be some mess
    With all birds there will be some mess, so be prepared. There will be empty seed casings, spilt food and feathers from moulting birds.

Do not ket these put you off becoming a proud owner of a great bird species and an even better pet.

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